George Washington Carver Academy

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The Carver Vision



George Washington Carver Academy will always be dedicated to providing the highest quality of education with the cornerstones of value learning, self-worth, and quality performance among students and staff as top priority. We see our classrooms as places where the potential for learning is open and free to every student enabling each to achieve their full potential as participants in society at large.


George Washington Carver Academy, in partnership with families and community, is committed to achieving excellence in all students by producing well-rounded, independent, and academically successful and competitive individuals.


George Washington Carver Academy believes that learning is a complex interrelationship between their learner and the environment. Teachers and parents are responsible for creating an effective learning environment to assure that all students will excel. We believe that students are whole beings with interacting, emotional, social, intellectual, and physical needs that must be met to assure growth takes place. Each child is a unique individual with needs and talents that need to be addressed in order to receive the necessary support and encouragement from the teaching and learning environment. We recognize that parents are the first and primary influence upon their child’s academic growth. The teacher provides uniform principles of English usage, literature, mathematics, science and social studies and related disciplines, thus, building and reinforcing the foundations of the family.